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Hi, we are 2TRONIC produced by ADM Soundworks (Ulrich Adams & Thomas Duhm), a music producer team based in Frankfurt/Germany, our aim is to create selected electronic dance music sound which fits great into any DJ playlist. Our tracks are made to dance in clubs around the planet. Check also www.admsoundworks.com

 Press Information 

2TRONIC presents MAKE ME WANT TO -A very cool house club track which is made to dance.

The track with its 124BPM stands out with a clear structure, which ultimately calls for dancing. When after about 45 seconds the first dance drop starts with the driving house drum beat together with the cool vocal shots, which also represent the clear recognition for this track, it pulls you onto the dance floor or lets you groove along with the beat, wherever the track is currently running. After a cooling break at around 2 minutes, the track then runs into the 2nd drop, which then heats up the vibes for another 1.5 minutes until the outro of the track. MAKE ME WANT TO by 2TRONIC, a great house club track, now available to stream or to download

2Tronic releases the EP vocal mixes of the track "Light Up My Fire", after the release Club version and 2 remixes were successfully placed in the Dance Charts, DDP Top 100 and DDJC Charts in Germany, now the "Radio Mix" comes with a great melody in verse and chorus, the vocals come from a wonderful female voice in the style of Rihanna, from this arrangement also the "Dance Remix" has been created. Also included is a "West Coast Remix", which could also have been made by Timberlake, as well as an extremely dance-able "House Remix". On top of that the 2TRONIC producer duo ADM Soundworks (Thomas Duhm & Ulrich Adams) has added a cool "Chill Out Remix" together with a video to relax.

Spring 2019 - 2TRONIC releases 2 great remixes of the song LIGHT UP MY FIRE, which has played a respectable 100K plays on Spotify so far. The 2TRONIC producer team ADM Soundworks (Ulrich Adams & Thomas Duhm) has worked into these two remixes a lot of feedback from DJs given to the original mix. The ELECTRO REMIX has been designed with a very danceable groove and heavy synthesizer sounds in several varied parts and is now 124BPM faster than the original produced. The TECHNO BOUNCE Remix, also equipped with very powerful synthesizer sounds, is with its 136 BPM a perfect match for techno party playlists.  

YouTube Video – Electro Remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cc9s_NmZ9G0

YouTube Video – Techno Bounce Remix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kuzn_97j98


2TRONIC based in Frankfurt, Germany is on the starting line with "LIGHT UP MY FIRE"

Frankfurt, Germany. October 2018, with LIGHT UP MY FIRE a great new EDM track is available for the ears of Electronic Dance Music fans. Freshly produced electronic sound is offered by the Frankfurt based music producer Duo Ulrich Adams and Thomas Duhm (ADM Soundworks) with their new project 2TRONIC. 

The track is packed in a very cool arrangement and the groove of the 122 BPM is perfectly made to dance in the club. The long version with 6:01 minutes is from the beginning until the end of the track ideally built for DJs and their mixes. On the EP there is also the short cut version with 3:19 minutes, this cut is made for playing in cool bars and lounges or for radio stations who like to play great EDM tracks. On top, a great video of this track is available, with images that create a thrilling atmosphere, captivating the audience and not let them look the other way. Click the below link and watch it.


 The EP LIGHT UP MY FIRE is available at all major digital music services.